About Us

The concept for PromilleoGlass (PRO-MIL-LEO-GLASS) originated in 2010 after spending a career in the Military and seeing less than adequate awards and gifts being presented only to be tucked away never to be seen again!  These gifts were… well let’s face it... gaudy, awkward (sometimes even weird), and most of the time, extremely fragile!  Perhaps they were great for the moment but certainly not something to last a lifetime or be viewed as a family heirloom for generations to come!


We thought, "what if we could make something that is bulletproof and yet gorgeous to look at"!  And so, we set out to do just that!  PromilleoGlass connects you with your career achievements and accomplishments in a sophisticated, classy, and elegant style.  With a keen eye we have incorporated design elements into our products that allow us to offer truly gorgeous items that will be treasured as heirlooms while complimenting any décor or style!  Our goal is to connect you and your family with your achievements now and for generations to come with our unique products that are not cliché, obnoxious, or overstated!  And yes, they are most certainly “bulletproof”!  


Each piece of PromilleoGlass is an elegant mix of high-quality industrial manufacturing along with the beauty of being a handmade work of art!   Make no mistake, we don’t use:


      -two-part epoxy mix kit that will yellow over time

      -low quality glass with blemishes or fractures that will haze over time


All PromilleoGlass products are made the absolute best materials available in a highly sophisticated industrial manufacturing process which renders amazing results in what is essentially one thick layer of “Bulletproof Glass” or “Borosilicate Glass” that will last a lifetime!